At MCS, we understand the necessity to respond fast to support requests. Our friendly, knowledgeable support team provides quality PHA-Web assistance to keep your office up and running as quickly as possible. The average response time to most support requests is less than five minutes. Additional statistics indicate that most support requests are closed with one telephone call within fifteen minutes of the request being made within PHA-Web.

Unlimited software support is included as part of our standard PHA-Web contact. MCS does not bill on a per call basis which means housing authorities get all the assistance they require without worrying about hourly charges.

Personalized attention is part of the PHA-Web experience. All support is performed over the telephone. PHA-Web users always speak to a support staff member so follow up questions are answered on the spot.

Software support is requested using the PHA-Web Support Manager. Support Manager is a toll free way to electronically enter support request tickets. After tickets are entered, they go into a user accessible support request list (queue). Tracking a tickets position in the queue allows users to watch their request make its way to the top and gauge when their support call will come.

When you need support, it is nice to know that help is just a mouse click away.