Tenant Portal

The Tenant Portal is an optional component in PHA-Web that provides housing authorities the ability for their tenants to access to various features online. The Tenant Portal is accessed through a secure link on the housing authority’s website.

Several options can be made available to tenants to landlords through the Tenant Portal. Housing authorities can configure the portal to make different options available to tenants. Features that can be accessed using the port are:

  • Make rent payments online using a credit/debit card or e-check
  • Complete and sign documents
  • Perform online recertifications
  • Securely share documents with housing authority staff
  • View current accounts receivable and deposit balances
  • Results of past inspections
  • Update and select communication preferences
  • View and optionally updated bank account information for direct debit of rent payments

Tenant information is available in the portal in real time. Rent payments are automatically posted in PHA-Web and deposited in the housing authority’s bank account. No additional synchronization process is required by the housing authority.

To access the Tenant Portal, tenants are required to have an email address and register to use portal using a registration code generated in PHA-Web.