PHA-Web Software

PHA-Web is an affordable web-based management solution, used by housing authority’s with less than 100 units to 10,000 units, designed and developed by Management Computer Services, Inc. (MCS) to manage all aspects of PHA operations. It is written using modern programming languages such as ASP.Net, Javascript and HTML. The relational database runs on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition and can easily accommodate housing authorities of any size.

There are many reasons MCS created an Internet-based software solution. The main reasons are that it: reduces software setup and operational expenses, takes advantage of features that only Internet-based software can provide and keeps agency data safe.

Internet-based software saves money in two ways. The first cost savings is realized when the contract is signed. PHA-Web is Internet-based which means that software is not installed on agency servers. Accordingly, there are no software licenses to purchase. Instead, PHA-Web users pay only an annual subscription fee that provides access to the software, includes all software patches, updates and maintenance and provides unlimited software support. In many cases, PHA-Web annual fees cost approximately the same as what other vendors charge for software support services alone.

The second cost savings is found in hardware and related IT expense. Because PHA-Web resides on MCS servers and accessed via the Internet, the PHA does not incur the expense of purchasing a server dedicated to running the software. The savings increase when considering the IT expense that is eliminated by not having a server or a dedicated PHA-Web network to maintain. Plus, PHA-Web automatically performs all data backups which eliminates having your staff or IT people manually create backups. It should also be noted that MCS installs all patches and performs all maintenance on PHA-Web software. No maintenance is performed by the PHA.

One of the key features that Internet-based applications provide is portability of the software.

  • Would you like the ability to work from home?
  • Do you have a remote office location that requires access to the software?
  • Does a fee accountant need access to financial components?
  • Want to use tablets or smart phone mobile devices to access your housing data?
  • Interested in posting your housing availability on your web site and updating the information in real time?

Users may login to PHA-Web from any location having an Internet connection. Eliminate troublesome VPN or remote desktop connections and simply logon to PHA-Web.

Furthermore, Internet-based design allows MCS to program advanced features into PHA-Web like the inspection system that runs on iPad, Windows and Android tablet devices or optional web sites that integrate with the PHA-Web database so landlords may look up payments or applicants can check waiting list status online. There are no files to upload, web sites automatically synchronize with PHA-Web in real time.

One very import feature of PHA-Web is that all components of the software are historical. ‘Cradle to Grave’ history was an import concept in the design of PHA-Web. This means that all tenant data and financial transactions are stored permanently on the PHA-Web servers. In addition, every event that requires data to be saved or deleted is maintained in the database. All historical information can be viewed by date, time and user.

Finally, Internet based software keeps data secure. Housing authority data resides on PHA Web servers that are housed in a secure co-location facility and is backed up in 15 minute increments throughout the day. PHA-Web servers are redundantly constructed to eliminate single points of failure and each server has at least one backup server. Flood or fire damage to PHA offices will not affect agency data because it is stored off site. Nor can data be lost when PHA servers fails and data backup was not performed.

PHA-Web provides housing management software in the following areas:

Over 600 housing authorities use PHA-Web for their management software.