MCS offers both onsite and online training. All training, whether conducted onsite or online, is tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual housing authority and is performed by a fully qualified PHA-Web trainer.

Onsite training sends a PHA-Web trainer directly to the housing authority's office for personalized instruction. All classes include lecture followed by hands-on training and question and answer sessions.

Onsite training is generally preferred by larger agencies wanting to train a number of staff members. Onsite training usually includes two to four weeks of training scheduled depending on the number of programs and units and the number of staff members requiring training.

The cost effective online training is preferred by smaller agencies and it usually takes less than eight hours. Online training is performed using the PHA-Webinar Training Portal. The PHA-Web Training Portal allows housing authority staff and the PHA-Web trainer to see the same screen in real time. Get the training you need without paying for costly travel expenses.

Training time has been minimized in PHA-Web due to the familiar web browser interface. PHA-Web is new modern software which makes it easy to use and very intuitive.

All support following the initial training is provided by the original training team for the first 30 to 60 days after the formal training is complete. This provides continuity from the training to utilization of PHA-Web and keeps the housing authority staff in contact with the original trainers. This makes the transition to PHA-Web as smooth and seamless as possible.

MCS offers the flexibility to schedule training for individual housing authority needs and budgets: onsite, online, or a combination of the two.