Waiting List Manager

The Waiting List Manager provides the housing authority with the ability to define and create multiple waiting lists. It also has the flexibility to allow the user to set up an unlimited number of unique preferences for each waiting list. Point values may be assigned to preferences to facilitate correct ranking of applicants’ positions on the waiting list. In a single entry an applicant can be placed on multiple waiting lists with different preferences for each list.

The Waiting List Manager is integrated to search the Vacated Tenant Manager component of PHA-Web for previous program participation for each member of the applicant’s household. If the applicant is found in the Vacated Tenant Manager database, a message will be displayed and the details will be available.

MCS offers two web components that integrate with the Waiting List Manager. One component allows potential applicant to complete an online application and select which waiting lists they want to apply to. A second web control allows applicants who have applied to view their position on the waiting list. Waiting list data web site integration works with webpages designed and hosted by MCS as well as websites hosted by other companies.

More than 1.4 million applicant forms have been entered using PHA-Web.