Family Manager

The Family Manager lists in chronological order, all of the actions for a tenant, from the initial application to the end of participation. This includes items such as a family’s waiting list applications, rent reasonableness activity, HUD Form 50058 certifications, state rent certifications, unit inspections, correspondence histories, and vacated tenant actions.

The Family Manager utilizes a sophisticated search tool to enable the user to research a specific tenant in the PHA-Web database. The Family Manager can search for individual family members no matter their relationship to the family. Once the tenant’s information is displayed, the user has the ability to select any action for the purpose of viewing that tenant’s details. A feature for tracking tenant’s community service requirements in also included.

A Medical Questionnaire, Insurance, Hospital, Doctor and information regarding prescription medicines is available for each member of the household. Also, included is the ability to add emergency contacts, vehicle and pet information.

Incorporated in the Family Manager is bar code technology. Scanning barcodes printed on forms produced by PHA-Web provides quick access to family information.

The ability to create mass mailings to families is also provided as part of the Family Manager through an interface with the Letter Manager.