50058 Certification Manager

The 50058 Certification Manager assists housing authorities in completing the HUD Form 50058 Family Report. The 50058 Certification Manager calculates tenant rent for all programs requiring the HUD 50058 Family Report.

The 50058 Certification Manager utilizes the exclusive PHA-Web Red Flag Validation feature. This attribute provides real-time data validation as the HUD 50058 form information for a program participant is entered. Invalid data is marked by a red flag as it is detected. A message explaining how to correct the data will be displayed as well. PHA-Web Red Flag Validation eliminates the need to run the HUD 50058 Validation Tool since PIC/50058 Form errors are flagged as the data is entered.

The 50058 Certification Manager produces a completed HUD-50058 report for the program participant using the most current Form HUD-50058 template.

The 50058 Certification Manager provides a tool to manage PIC submissions by allowing the housing authority to control the selection and timing of 50058 forms to be electronically submitted to PIC. The PIC submission manager provides the ability to select forms for submission by a variety of criteria including program type, action type and effective date of action. Once the selection process is completed the 50058 Certification Manager will create the file to be submitted to PIC.

PIC data can automatically submitted using the 50058 Form submission tool in PHA-Web. Automatic PIC submitter transmits the 50058 file to PIC and retrieves the PIC Ticket Number. Any PIC errors are also returned and can be viewed and corrected in PHA-Web. The PIC data can be manually uploaded to the HUD website as well.