Workstation Specifications

Because PHA-Web is web-based software, it runs in a web browser. Rather than requiring a particular operating system version or hardware platform, PHA-Web requires a browser that supports modern web standards. Most personal computers and mobile devices available today are more than sufficient to access PHA-Web. Simply stated – computers capable of running the latest version of an Internet browser will run PHA-Web.

PHA-Web supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. One or more of these browsers are available for workstations running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.

Mobile Device Specifications

PHA-Web mobile applications utilize Android, Apple iOS or Windows style devices as optional equipment available for maintenance staff to use in the field while conducting inspections. Mobile devices must have an internet connection to access PHA-Web. For devices used only in the office a Wi-Fi connection is acceptable; devices used in the field require a cellular data connection.


PHA-Web produces reports in PDF format. Adobe Reader (or a compatible PDF reader) is required to view and print reports. PHA-Web prints PDF reports to standard laser printers (including ink jet). Dot matrix printing is not supported.