Mobile Inspection

The Mobile Inspection software is an optional feature of the Inspection Manager component of PHA-Web that assists housing authority inspectors in completing inspections for Section and Public Housing units on a mobile device.

Section 8 inspections utilize the Housing Quality Standards HUD 52580 Inspection Checklist. Over 500 failures are preloaded into the software for each line tem with ability to add additional failures as necessary.

Public Housing inspections are performed using the Uniform Physical Condition Standards Inspection Code. The inspection forms and common failure are preloaded into PHA-Web.

The Mobile Inspection software works with most tablets and smart phones with a data plan. Smart phones equipped with a GPS can utilize maps to the unit. A signature feature allows for the collection of Tenant, Landlord and Inspector signatures. If the agency has the optional Document Imaging Manager, the camera can be used to attach pictures to inspections.