Vendor Accounting Manager

The Vendor Accounting Manager assists housing authorities in producing accounts payable payments for invoices to vendors.

The main functionality of the Vendor Accounting Manager is found in the Accounts Payable Procedures. The Accounts Payable Procedures are separated into two parts and provide the ability to enter invoices, and process the payments.

The first part of the Accounts Payable Procedures is the Payment Transaction Procedures which provide the ability to enter invoices and select invoices for payment. The ability to enter regular invoices is provided along with the ability to enter recurring invoices which can be created on a regular schedule. The ability to select which invoices are to be paid is also available.

The Process Payment Procedures generates the payments for invoices selected for payment. A payment preview option is provided to view payments prior to creation. The payments that are created can be in the form of checks, direct deposits, or a combination of both. The ability to reprint payments and payment advices is also available.

A revolving fund function is included as part of the General Ledger Manager. The Vendor Accounting Manager provides the ability to pay invoice distributed to multiple programs.