Public Housing Accounting Manager

The Public Housing Accounting Manager manages accounts receivable for families that participate in public housing programs. The Public Housing Accounting Manager works with Federal Public Housing programs as well as State Public Housing Programs

The main functionality of the Public Housing Accounting Manager is found in the Accounts Receivable Procedures. The Accounts Receivable Procedures are separated into two parts and provide the ability to create the payment transactions and process the payments.

The first part of the Accounts Receivable Procedures is the Billing Transaction Procedures which provide the ability to create billing transactions and adjustments. The ability to create regular recurring billing (monthly rent and other charges) is provided along with the ability to create manual adjustment transactions as necessary. A unique feature provided by the Public Housing Accounting Manager is the ability to automatically generate move in, move out, and retroactive billing transactions.

The Payment Receipt Procedures provides the ability to post payments received to the families’ accounts. Payments can be entered manually, utilizing a cash receipts or counter system, or a lockbox through a local bank. The payments received can be applied manually or automatically to the appropriate charges on the family’s account.

The Accounts Payable Procedures allow for utility reimbursements, deposit refunds to tenants and FSS escrow payments. Payments in the Accounts Payable Procedures can be made in the form of a check or direct deposit.