General Ledger Manager

The General Ledger Manager assists housing authorities in producing financial statements for public housing, rental assistance and other financial programs. The General Ledger Manager is compliant with HUD’s Asset Management and can produce a balance sheet, operating statement and general ledger for all public housing AMPS and Central Office Cost Center. The General Ledger Manager also provides tracking for Capital Fund programs.

The General Ledger Manager allows housing authorities to setup a separate chart of accounts for each financial program. Annual budget amounts can be entered for all income and expense accounts. Budget information can be viewed as an annual amount or prorated each month throughout the year. PUM calculations are also provided as part of the operating statement.

The main functionality of the General Ledger Manager is all financial transaction from the HAP Accounting Manager, Public Housing Accounting Manager, Portability Manager, and Vendor Accounting Manager are updated in real time. A payroll reporting interface is provided to allow third party payroll systems and providers a way to integrate data with PHA-Web, make the payroll journal entries and perform labor distributions.

A revolving fund function is included as part of the General Ledger Manager. The Vendor Accounting Manager provides the ability to pay invoice distributed to multiple programs. The General Ledger Manager revolving fund feature automatically creates the necessary payment transactions for reimbursements from one program to another.

Journal entries can be entered as needed through the Add Journal Entry option. Journal entry templates can also be created to speed the process of entering monthly journal entries.