Support Manager

The Support Manager allows housing authorities the ability to request software assistance from the PHA-Web Support Team online in the PHA-Web software. The Support Manager has a simple support request form to complete where a description on the specific problem is entered. Once a description of the problem has been entered a ticket number will be assigned to track the request and see its position in the queue to allow users to watch their request make its way to the top and gauge when their support call will come. A member of the PHA-Web Support Team will call the housing authority and provide the necessary assistance.

The Support Manager is a toll free, simple, easy to use method of request help for PHA-Web. All support requests entered in the Support Manager are handled in a first come first served method. PHA-Web statistics show that telephone call backs for support requests entered in the Support Manager are returned in less than five minutes. Additional statistics indicate that most support requests are closed with one telephone call within fifteen minutes of the request being made within PHA-Web. The PHA-Web Support Team provides the best housing software support available!