Letter Manager

The Letter Manager assists the housing authority in the creation of custom letters and documents. No additional software or word processors are required to create custom correspondence. The Letter Manager allows the user to insert pictures and graphics and chose from multiple fonts and sizes. Additionally it also provides the option of inserting housing authority letterhead into the document as well as users’ electronic signatures.

The Letter Manager has a user-friendly interface for creating custom letters and documents in two modes of operation. The first mode provides the ability to write a custom letter to any person or organization within the PHA-Web database.

The second mode provides the standard mail merge functionality that allows the user to select a list of recipients for a custom letter. A sophisticated search tool is utilized that provides the ability to select recipients based on multiple selection criteria. Once the recipients and a letter are chosen, the Letter Manager will complete the merge. The merge produces one completed letter for each recipient.

PHA-Web also provides the ability to interface with Microsoft Word. A letter can be produced for an individual family or an option is provided to perform a mail merge to multiple recipients.