Inspection Manager

The Inspection Manager assists the housing authority inspectors in performing inspections for both the Public Housing and Section 8 programs. The Inspection Manager allows for the creation of custom inspection forms that meet the housing authority’s needs. Provided with the Inspection Manager are sample inspection forms for both Public Housing (REAC) and Section 8 (HUD 52580).

The Inspection Manager utilizes the tablet devices for performing mobile inspections, which takes advantage of the latest technology in mobile computing. The Inspection Manager can utilize Apple iPad, Android tablets, and Windows tablets as the mobile inspection device. PHA-Web requires that the mobile inspection device have a data plan. Also, tablets equipped with a GPS can provide a map to the unit to be inspected. Inspection data is updated in real time from the inspection device to PHA-Web.

Custom letters for inspection notifications, results and other correspondence to tenants and landlords are provided through the Letter Manager component of PHA-Web.